Tapered compression dock seals are designed to match the angle of your loading dock and form a tight seal with trailers backing up or down sloped drives.

Designed with the same high standards as Rotary’s C-Series and Z-Series, these tapered dock seals are designed to match the angle of a truck on a sloped approach. Tapered Dock Seals are custom made to fit the slope of your dock area whether the slope is inclined up to building, or declined down. This angular design provides a tight seal when a truck is backed against the tapered pads.

Each Rotary Products Inc. Tapered Compression Dock Seal is custom designed for the particular slope on which it will be used. The price of the dock seal is determined by measuring the deepest dimension of the slope on the compression seal. Made of our standard materials and bonded the same as our other seals, these dock seals provide long wear and durability.


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