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Alpine’s Super Imposed® loading dock door provides a unique dual-closure solution with one easy installation. It is a loading dock rolling door and rolling grille with dual guides and coils where one is superimposed over the other and then fixed on a common bracket. The Super Imposed® closure provides security for all seasons.

Super Imposed® double door frame and security door curtains are available in custom curtain combination options. Alpine’s Super Imposed® security grille can be push-up, hand-crank, hand-chain or motor operated. All operators for the loading dock door can be adapted to specific conditions. Locking units can be provided depending on the type of loading dock rolling door operation.

Alpine’s Super-Imposed security door is a great loading dock door, warehouse door, storage facility door, military door and other applications. This double door frame is especially desirable for dual closures in driveway openings of industrial plants, warehouses, factories and loading dock door. During the working day when protection from vandalism is required but light, vision and ventilation is essential, the double door frame is rolled down while the security door remains in an upward position. When the business, plant or factory is closed for the evening, the loading dock rolling door and the steel door are both rolled down for complete security and protection. We will help you choose the right security grilles and roll up gate to meet your needs.

Alpine’s winning team of employees work diligently with the customers beyond the sale of your security gates and security grilles. We show our customers that their satisfaction with the loading dock door is our top priority. Alpine’s double door frame quality and workmanship with this loading dock rolling door is proven throughout the door industry. Our hands-on approach to every job ensures customer satisfaction.


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